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County Armagh

St Patrick may have had a small wooden church here and made it a centre at least for a time. This was replaced by a stone church in the 8C and, through many turbulent times, by many others as time went by till the present one now used by the Church of Ireland.
Excavations in Armagh have revealed 5-6C Christian graves.

The street plan of Armagh lays bare the two concentric enclosures of the early monastery.

There are badly worn pieces of 2 High Crosses inside the Cathedral and the shaft of another in the church yard.

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The Book of Armagh can be seen in the National Museum of Ireland. The Bell of St Patrick may be 6C. (NMI) The Shrine of St Patrick's Bell (NMI) was made in Armagh c 1100. Cross Stump High Cross fragment High Cross Shaft Armagh Cathedral