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County Donegal

St Patrick is said to have founded a church here. The Cross may date from the 8C and has a scene of the Cross (represented by 2 figure s- the 2 thieves, or soldiers) and of the Resurrection (represented by the women at the tomb). One pillar stone has a figure, perhaps that of King David on, the other of a pilgrim with staff and bell (though some say it is a bishop)

The interlace cross occurs in Coptic Egypt as well as on Anglo-Saxon coins from 7C on and in Italy from 7C onwards. OS: 3 463 449 marked

There is a 9C lintel and also an important stone called the Marigold Stone in the graveyard. The 2 crosses one above the other symbolise the resurrection – as found also on some 6C Palestinian pilgrim’s flasks.

There is a Cross Slab at Ballyloskey ½ mile to the south but we could not find it due to building developments. OS: 3 466 445 marked

see also: B Lacey et al Archaeological Survey of County Donegal p 249-51

see also: A Halpin and Conor Newman. Ireland an Oxford Archaeological Guide 2006

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