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Elsewhere in Galway

Gorumna Island

County Galway Connemara

This monastery has to be one of the remotest and well-hidden. Not only is it near the south of the second island to sea off the mainland sandwiched between a lough and the sea but the road to it is extremely twisting. It is also tucked away under a rocky hill quite close to the sea. The landscape is so wild you wonder what on earth, apart from fish, the monks lived on. Even to this day it does not have a name and no one knows to whom it was dedicated or to which order the current mediaeval church belonged. I like that -‘unknown to the world’. But in reality there are probably many such places in Ireland and quite beyond the reach of this database.

OS: 44 866 219 marked

see: Anthony Previte A Guide to Connemara’s Early Christian Sites Oldchapel press 2008

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Gorumna at dawn Church exterior Close to sea Gravemarkers inside church Hidden from sea IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0497 Well hidden below second hill on left and from sea