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St Maolcethair (636) is said to have founded the monastery here. The Church is 12C with finials on the gables. There is an Oratory and also a small cell (called ‘Poll Jo’) and altar. There is a large Cross, an Ogham Stone and Sundial. The Alphabet Stone had the Latin alphabet inscribed on it later than the stone itself which may go back to the 6C.

The Pilgrim’s track proceeds from here up to the top of Mount Brandon (qv) There is a Holy Well and Cross Slab on the other side of the road and another Holy Well, dedicated to St Brendan can be found near the mediaeval Priest’s House (also called St Brendan’s House) There is also a medieval Chancellor’s House. OS: 70 401 063 marked

St Brendan’s boat shaped oratory is not far away. It is like Gallarus (qv) except that it no longer has a roof. OS: 70 398 066 marked

see: Cuppage et al Archaeological Survey of the Dingle Peninsula p308-23

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