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Skellig Michael

County Kerry Iveragh Peninsula

The ‘Rock of St Michael’ is some 8 miles out to sea off the Dingle peninsula. St Fionan is said to have founded the monastery about 650. There are 2 peaks, the monastic site on the lower peak with the bee-hived huts and oratories etc and the hermitage on the higher peak. There are many Cross Slabs.

In 823 Abbot Eitgall was taken from the monastery by Vikings and starved to death while his fellow monks were killed in their sanctuary.


Monastery steps Skellig Michael - top hermitage South Peak (1) South Peak (2) South steps The terrace A beehive hut More beehive huts Cross slabs (1) Cross slabs (2) Cross slabs (3) le drop (1) le drop (2) view from Killabuonia