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St Cheannannach

County Galway Inishmaan

St Cheannannach may have been the son of a king and notorious preacher. But she may also have been a mother of ‘the seven sons of the king’ to whom a church was dedicated elsewhere on the island.

The tiny oratory on this site by the sea measures only 5 × 4 metres. It has steeply pitched gables. There is also the gable end of a tomb shrine with a hole for pilgrims to reach in and touch the bones of the saint.

The saint’s ‘bed’ with cross slab is to be found at the above mentioned church in the centre of the island. The saint’s holy well is near the church.

The saint may be the same as ’Gregory the Fairheaded (Grioir Ceannannach) to whom the sound between here and Inishmore is named.

OS: 51 944 045 ?

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